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Wastewater testing for RNA strands of the coronavirus.

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Sewer backups are normally never thought about, because you can’t see whats inside.

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If you have comments or questions you can contact us on line, stop by our office or call us at 708-354-7390.


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Common Questions

How do I request field service for an inspection?

Please call our office and we will send our Superintendent out to aid you.
For emergency situations we are have engineers on 24 hour call.

What is a sanitary sewer system?

A sanitary sewer system is comprised of pipes, manholes, house connections, pump stations and wastewater treatments plants. The system collects wastewater from homes and businesses, transmits it to treatment plants, where it is treated prior to being discharged.  WSSC Water’s sewer system is a modern sanitary, or separate, system – meaning the pipes that carry wastewater from homes and businesses to wastewater treatment plants are separate from the stormwater drainage system.

What are your hours of operation?
May 26, 2024
How extensive is the SLTSD?

The District has about 20 miles of sewer lines, 1,600 manholes, and 2 lift stations.  We service approximately 1221 Residential, 40 Industrial, and 214 Commercial properties.  SLTSD encompasses an area of about1,324 acres, which overlaps the political jurisdictions of the City of Countryside, the Village of La Grange, and a small portion of unincorporated Cook County.  Land use within the SLTSD is largely mixed, with about sixty-two percent (62%) residential, and about thirty-eight percent (38%)commercial/industrial.

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How do I start/stop service?

Please call our office at 708-354-7390 and our Billing Clerk will be happy to answer any questions.

Do you suspect there is a sewer problem?

If you live in the City of Countryside but outside our district,(go to Where we are to
see District Boundaries) please contact the City of Countryside Department at
708-354-8820. The City of Countryside is responsible for the sewer mains in your
area. If you live in La Grange, but outside of our district please contact the Village
of La Grange Water Department at 708-579-2306.

If you live within the South Lyons Township Sanitary District (i.e. receive an
Annual or Quarterly bill from the South Lyons Township Sanitary District), please
contact us at 708-354-7390 at any time.

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Am I responsible form my sewer lines?

Customers are responsible for their private sewer systems. This means
any piping from their property up to our sewer line. Please call us if you
have any questions or need assistance.

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