Understanding your bill


You may pay your bill by:

US Mail, or In person at the District offices.  Presently we accept Cash and Checks only.

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Beginning June 1, 2013 The South Lyons Township Sanitary District will no longer be
billing on an Annual Basis.  As previously experienced on your annual bill we will,
instead bill on a quarterly basis which will include the 10% discount if paid by the due

Past Dues
The District uses several methods to collect on past due accounts.  We normally try to
work with our customers that are having a hard time making payments.  After several
unsuccessful attempts are made a lien may be filed against the property. For seriously
delinquent accounts, water service may be terminated or the sewer connection may be

Closings  (also see  â€œAccount Info)
If you are planning to sell your property, please be sure that you, or your attorney,
contact the District for a final bill to ensure that charges through the closing date are
properly allocated. If you are a resident of the City of Countryside,  or the Village of La
Grange please notify the City or Village , and the they will in turn advise the District or,
please contact the District directly.


Basic User Charge:  The basic user charge is based of $.79 Per 1,000 gallons of
metered water consumption which is applied to all users to recover O,M & R
(Operation, Maintenance & Repair) costs.

Debt Service Charge: A debt service charge was established at the rate of $1.19 per
1,000 gallons to each user of the wastewater facility.

Late Fee:  A 10% late fee is applied to the Usage Charge if not paid by the Due Date.

Rates: A minimum charge of $13.00 per Month is applied to all users whose water
consumption does not exceed 6602 gallons per Month. This minimum charge consists
of $5.20 for O, M & R costs, and $7.80 for debt service costs. Usage in excess of 6602
gallons per Month will be charged at a rate of $1.98 per 1,000 gallons. This rate
consists of $.79 for O, M & R costs, $1.19 for debt service costs.

All commercial, industrial, governmental and institutional users shall pay $1.98 per
1,000 gallons of water used per month.  This rate is based on $.79 for O, M & R costs
and $1.19 for debt service costs.